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Search Engine Optimisation - Why You Need It!

***Nerd Alert Post!***

My business Build A Brand works with many different companies, supporting them with their digital marketing and building their brand awareness online.

Search Engine Optimisation really is key to any business that has a website. I always compare SEO services to cars. You buy a shiny new car (website) that "wows" as you drive away (launch), but eventually it will need fuel (or charge!), servicing, new tyres and an MOT. If you don't look after it, it will need replacing or fixing and cost you a lot of money to make it right.

Websites work the same. If you set up a new website and expect it to work wonders for you for years to come without servicing, maintenance and new fuel (content) added to it, it will eventually die a death with search engines and be found in the deeper search pages.

Search Engine Optimisation is key to your website's performance. Why spend money on a new website (car) if you're not going to look after it!

I speak to all of my clients about the importance of SEO, and here is a success story for one of our clients who's previous website had zero sales and hardly any clicks.

We are now close to 2000 sales, and their site has grown organically by 82% in the past 6 months - numbers wise that's 7,426 visitors against 4,069 in the previous 6 month period!

Google Analytics Data
Nerdy Data Alert!

This isn't a sales post with a "get in touch for more information" - I genuinely want to make anyone who has a website see how important it is to invest in it! Google alone handles 3.5 billion searches everyday! The numbers are incredible... don't let your website gather dust and become a waste of money!

Gemma Alexander

CEO of Build a Brand

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