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Why does my business need a website?


Gone are the days of getting Yellow Pages out of the cupboard and finding your local decorator/electrician/plumber - most people rely on Google/Bing/Yahoo searches to show them local businesses, contact numbers, pictures, reviews and services.

Also, why do some companies rank higher, and some have ads?

Having a website is like having a virtual store front. It creates an instant impression of your business and provides your potential new client with everything they need to know before they pick up the phone. How they find you is based on how Google crawls your website, which is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) kicks in!

SEO can significantly improve the success of your website, through research and analysis of what key words people are searching for to look for businesses just like yours.

Do you already have a website? Is it fully optimised? Head over to our SEO page to see how Build A Brand can help with your website design to ensure it is fully optimised.

Some companies use Google Ads to help boost a website's presence - also known as Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), which is great for targeting particular areas and criteria. In the long run improving your website's performance organically (not paid for ads) is the best result, however paid ads can help in the short term.

Build A Brand can help design and build your website, whether you need a brochure style site to show off your services and contact information, or an eCommerce store to sell your goods.

All our websites are dynamic and responsive, responsive meaning that your site will adapt to different screen sizes, which is vital for the best user experience (UX) especially on mobiles.

Mobile search accounts for almost half of web traffic worldwide!, therefore it is essential that your website is fully mobile optimised.

Improving your website's performance through SEO - we can help.

Boosting your company's online presence through Google Ads - we can help.

Monitoring your website's performance through Google Analytics - we can help.

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