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I have always enjoyed working with people. Since I started full time work at the age of 16, (not giving my age away here...!) I've always had big aspirations, and have worked with some amazing people. I've always wanted to do that bit more and push myself as far as I can go. 

I spent years working as a manager of a building society, learning how to effectively communicate with all types of different people, and train and coach my staff to engage with their customers and create connections, which in turn built their trust. I then moved on to become a website administrator, and from there I set myself new goals and wanted to develop my skills in digital marketing, SEO and analysis. 

Digital marketing is what I love doing. I took the big step, quit my employed job and became self-employed, Build A Brand was born and since then I've never looked back!

Fast forward three years; Build A Brand has grown and developed. We deliver a range of services to amazing clients, across a multitude of sectors, and all supported by an incredible, talented team.

If you have any questions, or just want a chat about what it is that Build a Brand can do to help your business, please get in touch!



working for you

Clare - Head of Creative

Head of Creative

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Clare has a love all things creative and design-led, be it designing logos, developing brands, creating beautiful websites, producing marketing materials, social media images and content and creative copywriting.


Gemma.W - Head of Technical

Head of Technical

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Gemma.W screams all things technical, getting stuck into the bare bones of websites with SEO and analytics, as well as creating immersive, responsive websites specialising in  ecommerce .


Another creative at heart, Gemma will have you tied up in knots - Macrame knots!



Helen - Customer Relations Team

Head of
Customer Service

Helen takes the occasional dip in the the social media pool and primarily looks after one of our biggest clients - a local, prestige estate agent, selling executive homes.

She specialises in all aspects of property marketing and can even help sell your home via Aboda Fine Homes!


Bella - Creative Team


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Bella has a wealth of experience  in Social Media Management and Customer Relations and primarily looks after one of our biggest clients within the fashion and retail industry.

She loves social media and can often be found tiktoking!


our amazing team!

Hayley - Technical Team


Hayley is our ecommerce queen! The master of csv files, Hayley loves optimising product files ready for import to new ecommerce platforms, especially Shopify.

A member of the technical team, our Shopify csv whizz, Hayley can have your products organised in no time

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Our office junior Codi is studying Marketing at college and gaining work experience at Build a Brand. Codi's skills see him managing social media accounts and optimising ecommerce stores.

Codi is an avid footballer too.



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Laura looks after our automobile and hospitality clients with their social media accounts, creating engaging visuals and interactive videos.

Laura also has a talent for analytics and websites, specialising in Wordpress.


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Abbie is a stickler for planning and routine and ensures all our clients social media calendars are filled with the latest awareness days and special industry events. 

With a creative eye, Abbie is part of the design team at Build a Brand and creates marketing materials and social media templates.

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Lauren is the newest member to the BaB team joining our expanding technical team. Lauren is  learning all things Shopify and is dedicated to our ecommerce clients. 

Another dog owner and mum, bumping up our numbers!


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