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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, is the name given to any activity that exists to improve rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Search engines rank or reference pages that they consider to be relevant and authoritative.

For your website to be seen by potential clients, search engines need to know it exists by not only finding your website but by being able to 'crawl' it to find the information it deems 'relevant' and 'authoritative'. These search engines look through their database based on what the user has inputted as a search term, what we know in marketing as 'keywords' to then be shown a page of results from various websites which is where you hope to show up! right there on the search results page (another SEO word; SERP)


In May 2021 Google will be introducing Core Web Vitals (CWVs) in its new Core Algorithm Update.

Core Web Vitals will be a list of technical SEO metrics based on 'page experience' metrics which Google will use when its ranking websites. This is a big algorithm change and means that how users experience your website will now play a big part in where your site ranks on the SERPs.

Will your existing website meet these new requirements?


To those unfamiliar with the term SEO and all the keywords that go with it, it can sound all rather overwhelming and alien. Link profiles, algorithms, serps, core web vitals and meta tags...what does it all mean?

Here at Build A Brand we can help you to design an SEO strategy for your business that will deliver the results your business wants whether that be to increase sales or to drive traffic and generate leads, Build A Brand can help you and explain the jargon along the way!

We can also help you to produce well structured, rich content that search engines such as Google will favour in their rankings such as by installing a blog on your site.

Already have a website you love but its just not working for you? We can help to optimise your existing website so that it ranks higher and shows up in search results when users are searching for businesses just like yours.

Build A Brand can help your business to succeed online.

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