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website audits

how's your performance?

why are website audits important?

There are many times in life where servicing an item helps you and saves money over time on expensive repairs when things go wrong such as servicing your car or your household boiler.

your website is no different!

Too many people build a website then let it sit in cyberland gathering dust (metaphorically!) then wonder why they are not getting the traffic they used to.

Auditing your website regularly gives you a detailed analysis of your websites health, performance and speed. This in turn will show you areas where you can optimise and improve your content and identify errors that could be harming your site's performance in  search engine results.

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detailed analysis of your website

At Build a Brand our website audits offer a wealth of information about the health and performance of your website. The most common errors we find in our client's reports are:

  • HTTP Status/Server Issues - Uncrawled pages, 404 errors, broken page links etc

  • Meta Tag Errors - Under optimising, duplicate tags, missing tags etc

  • Indexability Issues - If it's not indexed Google and other search engines can not find it!

Our reports will list the errors in a clear and concise manner that you can then give to your webmaster to remedy.​ Alternatively, we offer SEO services where we not only perform an audit of your site - we can fix the issues identified too!

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