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website design

why does my business need a website?

Gone are the days of getting Yellow Pages out of the cupboard and finding your local decorator/electrician/plumber - most people now rely on Google/Bing/Yahoo searches to show them local businesses, contact numbers, pictures, reviews and services.

97% of search engine users are searching for a business like yours

Having a website is like having a virtual storefront. It creates an instant impression of your business and provides your potential new clients with everything they need to know before they pick up the phone.


How they find you online is based on how search engine friendly and responsive your site is. 

50% of internet searches are made via smartphone with 70% conversions within an hour!

As well as being mobile friendly the User Experience (UX) is an important aspect to web design too.


Our experience in great UX design ensures that your website has great usability for high levels of customer satisfaction. Google updated its algorithms last year and UX plays a huge role in where your website ranks in the search result pages


  you have between 5-7 seconds to  

planning & research

At Build a Brand we do not have a one size fits all strategy when it comes to web design.

We will take the time to listen to you and understand the unique elements of your business and then work with you to build a custom website that truly represents your brand and service/product offering.

We work with various Website Builders, Content Management Systems (CMS) and eCommerce platforms such as Wix, Wordpress, EKM and Shopify - what we choose for your website will be dependant on what we and you decide is best during the planning and research stage.

competitor analysis

When designing your website we will analyse your competitor's sites to see what works and what doesn't and how it affects the user experience.

We will learn from this data to create a website that works and converts.

client feedback & final design

We will consult with you through the build process and listen attentively to all input and feedback to ensure you are 100% happy with the final result. The website needs to work for you and your business plus crucially tick all the boxes identified during the research and planning stage.

  • We understand the importance of unique, rich, high-quality content that provides value to your customers.

  • The architecture of the final website will ensure SEO compliance, ensuring it is seen by search engines and indexed and using your keywords effectively.

  • The final design will feature great UX design to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.

  • The website will go through extensive testing to ensure all the links are working and clickable, all pages can be found and are linked to, all the content is correct and that there is no duplicate content (Google hates duplicate content!)

  • Only then, once all these checks are passed, will your website GO LIVE!

on-going support & maintenance

Once your website is live we do not simply just disappear. You may not need our services anymore but we are always at the end of the phone should you have a question or require some aftercare with your website.

If you do wish to make use of our extensive services then we offer a plethora of digital marketing solutions for your business such as social media management, paid ads (PPC) and ongoing data analysis.

lets talk about your website project

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